A Tour and Tips from a Biotech BD Perspective 

Biotech companies seeking to partner with their drug candidates should decide in advance what they want to achieve in deal negotiations. Getting the best outcome depends on non-financial, as well as financial terms.

In this ShareVault webinar, Linda Pullan discusses negotiation goals, BATNAs, and power, the process to the deal, the basics of term sheets, and common deal structures.

She discusses frequent problem areas and some ideas on how to work through them, from the things in a university license that will trouble your future partner, to judging your development partner by the negotiation process.

This webinar explores this business development look at licensing terms, negotiations, and their variations that will help prepare your team for the big deal.



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Linda Pullan, PhD

Pullan Consulting

Linda M. Pullan, Ph.D. offers biotech and pharmaceutical companies consulting in all aspects of partnering through Pullan Consulting. Linda has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and a B.S. in Chemistry. Linda has more than 20 years of the drug industry experience, beginning in drug discovery at Monsanto/Searle/now Pfizer and ICI/Zeneca/now AstraZeneca.

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