Bridging Valuation Gaps with Creative Deal Structures

Every seller has a number in their head, and it is rare that buyers agree with that number. The seller focuses on the potential of the business and all the opportunities that lie ahead, while the buyer needs to think about the downside and cover all of their bases. Thus, a gap arises between what the seller expects and what the buyer is willing to pay. However, this gap doesn't need to be the end of the relationship, as you can build creative deal structures to bridge this valuation gap.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What drives the seller’s value expectations
  • How buyers approach valuations
  • The biggest risks buyers should seek to minimize
  • Creative structures to bridge the valuation gap

For more on what you can to learn and to explore the topic further, visit our blog to read the Q&A interview with webinar presenter Iliya Zogovic, President & CEO of ONEtoONE Corporate Finance. 




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Company team

Iliya Zogovic  

President & CEO,
ONEtoONE Corporate Finance

Iliya P. Zogovic started his career at an early age when he bought one of the largest Sales and Marketing organizations in Mexico. He restructured the business and then grew it through Latin America using Mergers and Acquisitions until he eventually had a successful exit. He then transitioned to the Financial industry in Mexico and USA. His expertise includes business strategy, corporate restructuring, process engineering and business operations.
He combines this expertise with his knowledge of the financial industry to maximize value in every operation. Iliya has served as CEO of several companies with international operations, and he sits on Boards in different industry sectors in Latin America and USA. Iliya studied Mechanical Engineering in Mexico and is an alum of Harvard Business School.