Getting Ready for a Biopharma Partnering Deal

In order to thrive, biotechnology firms must successfully license their discoveries or, as is increasingly more common these days, partner with large pharmaceutical firms to develop their product. The right time to seek a partnering or licensing agreement and who to seek it with can be a daunting task, but breaking it down into the major elements that need to be considered will help you to develop an actionable plan.

This webinar provides actionable advice for Biotech business development leaders on how to get ready for a partnering deal:

  • Background on transactional readiness

  • Should you partner now?
  • Process to a deal
  • Negotiations prep
  • Negotiations
  • Term Sheets
  • On to the full agreement




Company team

Linda Pullan, PhD

Pullan Consulting

Linda M. Pullan, Ph.D. offers biotech and pharmaceutical companies consulting in all aspects of partnering through Pullan Consulting. Linda has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and a B.S. in Chemistry. Linda has more than 20 years of drug industry experience, beginning in drug discovery at Monsanto/Searle/now Pfizer and ICI/Zeneca/now AstraZeneca.

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