The Art & Science of a High M&A Valuation

In this whitepaper, David Stastny, Managing Director of Centaur Partners, presents the core aspects of the Technology Buyer's key valuation and diligence checklist. David helps guide your technology company towards achieving maximum valuation from the optimal buyer of your company.

He highlights critical "due diligence" focus areas while offering "real world" guidance as to how to position your company for optimal valuation.

David discusses the best ways to answer critical questions and topics that include:

  • How important is a large Total Available Market (TAM), as contrasted with a focused, niche or regional "go to market" plan?
  • What is the best technique to present your management team's expertise and founder team dynamics to a potential Buyer? 
  •  How do you best convey your technical team's background, unique skills and prior development successes?  
  •  What is the optimal way to position your current product growth opportunity and future development plan in order to impress the Buyer's diligence team?  
  • How important is the value of proprietary IP (awarded and applied for patients, trademarks, etc.)? 
  •  How will the Buyer assess your current investor base?
  • What should you expect in negotiating a LOI and then a definitive purchase agreement?
  • What is the best way to negotiate retention packages, options and escrow "holdback" with the Buyer?



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Company team

David Stastny

Managing Director, Architect Partners

Mr. Stastny is a Managing Director with Architect Partners, a boutique investment banking firm located in Silicon Valley specializing in M&A and helping businesses attract strategic investors. David has advised senior management and board members within the technology sector since the 1990s and specializes in helping drive premium-value outcomes where communicating the potential for the future state of the business is paramount. David Stastny is a registered representative with the broker/dealer  Weild & Co.  member FINRA/SIPC.  Learn More