From Founding to Exit: A Life Science Business Founder's Perspective

This whitepaper is based on our web panel discussion on how to successfully move a life science organization from founding to exit. During the discussion, founders provided valuable guidance on how executive teams can partner business and science together to overcome common roadblocks and achieve maximum results.  Explore what is real and what is myth!  

You'll hear real stories from people who have hit the trenches from the entrepreneurial business CEO perspective and have run the gauntlet to an exit. Panelists provided insight on when to bring on new talent, when to engage partners, investors and board members, and how to recognize the need to evolve as your company changes.

Here's a glimpse of what to expect in this white paper:

  • Investor perception: science, business and the balance

  • The good, the bad and the ugly: how up-rounds, down-rounds, growth and failures impact people involved, and the ultimate outcome

  • How to listen, select and grow from feedback

  • The importance and challenges of timing, science and passion

  • How to manage change in science, corporate needs and people

  • Differences in the sector and in the exit type

    Additionally, if you missed the panel discussion that the white paper is based on, you may request to view it here.



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    WHITEPAPER   contributors:

    Company team

    Caroline Hoedemaker, MBA PE, Founder and Investor

    tTAp a Life Science Accelerator; VALUEDsolutions (Moderator)

    Caroline, founder of tTAP a Life Science Accelerator, has led business teams at J&J in oncology, ENT, and cardiovascular arena coordinating M&A efforts both for early stage investments through acquisitions. She has worked on the marketing side launching products that have doubled companies’ sales and led to acquisition, as well as strengthening investment positions both directly for industry and as a consultant. Her consulting talents have transformed over to the sell side, as she works more often now for scientifically based companies improving product value for the market place, seeking customers or investors, as well as taking lead or board roles in companies in which she is vested.Learn More

    Company team

    Wendy Perrow, MBA, Chief Executive Officer

    AsclepiX Therapeutics (Panelist)

    Wendy Perrow is responsible for managing the company’s business, clinical, financial, licensing and corporate development efforts.  Ms. Perrow previously served as CEO of Alba Therapeutics.  Under her leadership, Alba Therapeutics completed a licensing agreement with Innovate Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. Prior to joining AsclepiX, Ms. Perrow held senior executive positions with private and public pharmaceutical companies.  From 2004 to 2007, she was Vice President of Marketing for Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a company focused on creating novel therapies for the unmet needs of patients with Rare and Orphan Diseases. From 1989 to 2003, Ms. Perrow was at Merck and Co., Inc. in Global markets including Europe, Asia, and Latin America and U.S. Learn More

    Company team

    Robert Alonso, Founder & CEO

    Mitochon (Panelist)

    Robert has 25 years of experience with both big pharmaceutical companies (Merck, Roche) and small biotech companies (Yaupon/Ceptaris). Most recently Mr Alonso successfully founded Yaupon/Ceptaris Therapeutics (formerly known as Yaupon) where he raised over $40 million in venture capital, steered the lead program through phase III testing and filing of an NDA (Approval was received in 2013). Ceptaris was sold in 2013 to Actellion Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Alonso is a seasoned executive who has completed over numerous licensing and other business transactions, including raising venture capital and negotiating transactions worth over $500 million. He has brought several drugs through the Investigational New Drug (IND) process and one through a successful completion of a New Drug Application (NDA). Learn More

    Company team

    Richard Hughen, Chief Executive Officer

    Cellth Systems (Panelist)

    Richard Hughen’s thirty years of professional experience in the life science industry span three start-ups, a mid-cap and three Fortune 500 companies. He is currently CEO of Cellth Systems, a start-up based upon proprietary Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) analysis technology. He is founder of Life Science Planning, a strategic consultancy for life science companies with focus on fast paced start-up, early stage and emerging growth companies. Ric was a member of the executive team that led start-up CSA Medical from a technology license (Navy), through product development, clinical trials, five FDA clearances, CE mark, four rounds of funding ($50M) and into a profitable commercial business. Before CSA Medical, he directed the marketing efforts for the $210 M molecular diagnostics business of Becton, Dickinson (BD).  Learn More

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