In this whitepaper, David Stastny summarizes the "seven deadly sins" that cause reduced purchase prices or failed M&A exits:

  • Failure to Validate Value to the Buyer
  • Failure to Prove Ownership of Intellectual Property
  • Ignoring Unresolved Litigation
  • Discrepancies in Financial, Accounting or Operational Planning
  • Failure to Validate Company Agreements
  • Unresolved HR and Employee Liabilities
  • Sloppy Corporate Governance

  • Learn how to discover, isolate and correct these "seven deadly sins," whether you are currently developing your M&A exit strategy, or you just want to be prepared.


    Company team

    David Stastny

    Managing Director, Architect Partners LLC

    Mr. Stastny is a Managing Director with Architect Partners, a boutique investment banking firm located in Silicon Valley specializing in M&A and helping businesses attract strategic investors. David has advised senior management and board members within the technology sector since the 1990s and specializes in helping drive premium-value outcomes where communicating the potential for the future state of the business is paramount. David Stastny is a registered representative with the broker/dealer Weild & Co. member FINRA/SIPC.  Learn more.